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Blossom's Final Recording
Blossom's Planet
Blossom's Planet
by Blossom Dearie
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Introducing the new Blossom Dearie Songbook from Hal Leonard!

We also have a few copies of each of the Daffodil Records LPs(and some Verve ones as well), if you are interested they are $15.00 postpaid, email!  They are from Blossom's personal collection and all in good condition.

The Warmth - The Wit - The Musicianship - The Understanding: Delicate and Sharp, Romantic and Funny.

Simply, Blossom Dearie

Daffodil Records was founded in 1973 by Blossom Dearie for her very discerning fans.  Simply put, record companies were not willing to produce the kind of recordings that Blossom wanted to create, and Blossom was unwilling to work any other way.  Each carefully crafted recording is truly a private concert between Blossom Dearie and the listener.  Blossom transcended pop vocals, jazz and bebop, nightclubs and cabaret to create these special albums, now CDs.  Many came into fruition from suggestions by long time fans and each includes a "who's who" of the finest musicians around!  It has always been a delight to hear how Blossom's recordings have played in the soundtrack of your life, please keep in touch and share this site with friends and family.

Please use the links to your left to navigate the products we have available.  Daffodil Records has other recordings that will be released on CD(many for the first time) in the near future!  Please stay tuned.  If you require any assistance while ordering, please e-mail Thanks for your business!

16 Tracks To Fall In Love With!
My New Celebrity Is You
My New Celebrity Is You
by Blossom Dearie
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